Make a Donation

Make a difference in the lives of many by supporting our mission of spreading Krishna consciousness. Every contribution, big or small, helps us create a vibrant community of devotees and promote spiritual growth. Donate today and be a part of this noble cause.

Annadana Seva

Providing free, hygienic, and nutritious meals to underprivileged patients and their attendants in government hospitals in Vijayawada, Guntur, Tenali and Nellore

Mandir Construction Seva

Leave a lasting legacy. Donate to Mandir Nirmana Seva and be a part of our sacred journey. Build your devotion, brick by brick. Support Mandir Nirmana Seva.


Your contributions towards our Goshala help provide these gentle creatures with food, shelter, and medical care, ensuring their well-being and preserving our ancient traditions.

Mandir Alankarana Seva

Decorating the mandir with flowers, lights, and other offerings, creating a serene and divine atmosphere for worship. Join us in this spiritual activity to express your devotion and contribute to the beauty of our temple. 

Festival Seva

Preparing festive offerings, assisting with rituals, and organizing community events. Your participation will enhance the joy and spiritual experience of our celebrations.

Mandir Nitya Seva

By participating, you help maintain the sanctity and divine presence in our mandir. Join us in this regular act of devotion and be a part of our temple community.

Hare Krishna Gokula Kshetram

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