Hare Krishna!!

Support our various sevas including Annadana (food donation), Gau-Seva (cow protection), and Mandir Nirmana Seva (temple construction) to receive divine blessings and be part of our sacred mission. Your contributions will help us spread love, compassion, and spiritual growth.

Annadana Seva

Nourishing Souls, Feeding Hope

Our Subhojanam Programme focuses on providing free, hygienic, and nutritious meals to underprivileged patients and their attendants in government hospitals in Vijayawada, Guntur and Nellore.

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Preserving Sacred Traditions, Protecting Divine Beings

Your contributions towards our Goshala help provide these gentle creatures with food, shelter, and medical care, ensuring their well-being and preserving our ancient traditions.

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Mandir Nirmana Seva

Cultivating Eternal Blessings

Building and maintaining temples (Mandir Nirmana Seva) serve as focal points for spiritual practice and community cohesion. By contributing to the construction and upkeep of temples, devotees create sacred spaces where individuals can come together to worship, seek solace, and deepen their connection with the divine. 

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Hare Krishna Gokula Kshetram

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